Should Advertisements targeting children be banned

It is difficult to classify whether an advertisement it is meant for children or adults. There are two principles in my opinion which determine whether an advertisement is meant for children or not. The first principle is whether the product being advertised is something meant for children like for e.g.: toys,chocolates,cycles etc. The second principle is whether the nature and making of the advertisement is such that it will catch the attention of a child. Now to ban the ads under the first principle would be unfair because we cannot restrict companies making children’s items from advertising their product. To say that chocolates can be bad for the teeth for children and hence their ads should be banned is based on fallacious reasoning. Excessive consumption of chocolate is bad no doubt, but here the parents have to play an influential role to decide whether to give chocolates and decide the quantity. The ads under the second principle are debatable, the nature of an advertisement can be such that it can catch the attention of a child and that can have a negative influence. But then again this argument can be applied to the whole concept of television, so many things on television can have a negative influence on a child, like steamy music videos, adult movies, certain tv shows etc.. Why only advertisements should be banned. To say that children are not mature enough to understand what is right and what is not and that’s why ban “advertisements” is a very loose statement. Children at a certain age are very vulnerable and can get influenced easily by almost everything like meeting new people, atmosphere at school, environment at home, peer group influence etc… SO In conclusion I would say that advertisements are not a major influencing factor in a child’s life and to ban them out of the fear that they may have a negative influence is wrong, and hence they (adds) can continue; subject to certain principles and rules of decency.


One comment on “Should Advertisements targeting children be banned

  1. Robyn Fraser says:

    I do not believe that children should be banned from watching advertisements as i believe it will make them into weaker adults. This is because from advertisements they eventually become aware between the ages of 6-8 of what advertisements are really doing; trying to sell a product by telling them that the product has been made especially for them. They know that they don’t neccessarily need it. In sweden advertisements are banned for those under 12, this is worrying, does this mean that as they progress into adults that they will be easily disappointed, not being able to possess everything that is being advertised to them?

    If children do not see advertisements they are missing out on a valuable learning experience that helps them develop into adults, from advertisements they learn the difference between what they need and what they want. Advertisements need to be controlled to a certain extent, but not banned.If they do not watch advertisements does this mean as adults they will be more easily influenced? In my opinion this is what i think will happen if advertisements are banned for children.

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