Whether Nationalism has lost its significance

This was a debate organised, and I was speaking against

Nationalism the term can be explained from different perspectives. It can mean devotion towards the nation, people who are bound by cultural links or even promotion of national interests. So when nationalism is a wide ranging term by itself and can refer to so many different things, to say that it has completely lost its significance is a fallacious proposition.

The reason why people today take a cynical view of nationalism is because of the political parties and their flawed argument that singing national songs and symbolism is the badge of nationalism where as one can very well be a nationalist without shouting to the world that he is one. The other aspect is that in this era of globalization it is the western countries who think that the world has become one big market and that the concept of nationalism has become outdated. But on the contrary when it comes to measuring economic growth and welfare, it is always done country wise and not on a global scale. Now today WalMart has entered the Indian retail business, the exports of the country are on the rise, global players like Ford and GM have chosen India as their destination for production and marketing, from the economic point of view this is good stream of news, but how does a citizen react to this information?? The citizen doesn’t see just the economic aspect of this but also feels happy that the country is doing well and feels proud.

Even in Cricket, whenever India wins a match, how many of us watch extra innings after that where celebrities are analyzing the game. The fact that India won gives joy and a sense of satisfaction to the Indian viewer. And when a country does well one develops a sense of belongingness towards it.

Nationalism was and continues to be a powerful and vibrant force, and the success of films like Rang de Basanti and Swades show that people still respect and value the sentiment of nationalism.


2 comments on “Whether Nationalism has lost its significance

  1. Pratiti says:

    Movies and cricket unfortunatly do not depict nationalism because nobody’s interests are at stake. Just like usage of big loudspeakers during Ganpati does not exhibit any religious feelings.

    Nationalism means devotion to one’s own country, being a responsible citizen. Not just being proud about our achievements but be a part of economic development.

    Politicians are not the only ones who are to be blamed. JFK’s famous quote ‘Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country’

    Nationalism should never lose its significance. Once it does there is a huge disparity between economic growth and economic development.

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