Educational system

It has been recently discovered that the position of Indian universities in global ranking has dropped. And one of the main reasons behind this is the lack of research and development on the subjects concerned. In recent years the South Asian countries have been contributing more to international magazines and papers with articles, research papers, analysis etc,  because along with mainstream academics they also lay a lot emphasis on research work. IIT for instance is very well known globally more so because of its successful students, rather than any particular contribution.

There are going to be some major changes in the educational system of India. The prime minister has appointed the National Knowledge commission (NKP), which has come up with a lot of suggestions and improvements. One of the major improvements will be that the syllabus will have more practical applicability and the gap between the classroom lessons and industrial requirements will be reduced. Also there will be more marks allocated for project work and internal assessments (earlier it was 25% now they want it to be 50%). So an increase in project work and general interaction between students and teachers and meaningful interaction between students, will make the classroom session more interesting. This method will also prevent students from “getting buried”, they will have time to time submissions which will keep them active and involved.


3 comments on “Educational system

  1. ggwfung says:

    The whole functional role of universties has changed as they have allowed greater numbers of students in. Resources and money have to be redistributed, and as a result, some academics no longer have the time to pursue research.

    And the point you make about professional training is quite a good one. Do universities act as accreditation for industry (accounting, computing, engineering) or do they serve a bigger role in exploring ideas (humanities, pure maths).

    In the end, it’s the balance between these things that has to be considered.


  2. J.N says:

    Our education system surely has some flaws and the most important is the absence of practical application of our knowledge which has already been mentioned by ashmu. But itz a good news that our govt is tryin to change this education pattern. It wil surely lead to better utilization of the brain power in India.

  3. niti basole says:

    To whom so ever concerned,
    our educational system does need a huge make-over though, but there also few added advantages that our edu. system provides us like for example as mentioned in the above article the IIT of india well known for its successful pass outs thats only because due good quality educaton as well as better practical knwoledge provided there.
    As government is planning to do a face lift of our educational system,we all glad and are eagerly lookin forward to it. As i would be soon attaining my higher education, i am eagerly waiting for more practical oriented study rather than studyin few past case histories.
    This change is surely going to make a huge come back of INDIA as high quality educational nation.

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