Should prisoners have rights

This was a debate on a website and i had written this article: ( This article is basically a reply to another participant, if you wish to see the entire debate, let me know i will give the relevant link)

It’s a subjective question in my opinion; it depends on who the prisoner is and what is his crime. Rights are always thought of for citizens of a nation or country like for e.g.: right to vote, right to oppose what is unfair, right to information (RTI). Alexologys point that a prisoner is someone who is isolated from the society is right and therefore what rights can a person who is isolated from the society have?? A prisoner from the jail certainly cannot exercise his rights in the society from which he is deliberately isolated and if he does then the whole purpose of isolating him is defeated. The other argument that prisoners are human beings and must have rights is a very general statement. Prisoners are humans no doubt and the rights that they deserve should be the most basic and essential which cannot be classifies as rights….After committing a crime a person is kept in jail and his rights are taken away for a particular period of time so that he knows the value of those rights which he took for granted. And after he is released he will then certainly VALUE his freedom and the rights that have been given to him by the higher powers. In my country (
India) a famous film star (Sanjay Dutt)) was imprisoned for 18 months. When he got bail and came on an interview on TV he was asked; after being in jail for 18 months how do you feel and what is your message others? He replied that after being in jail i know what freedom really means and how fortunate a person is to live in a free world with rights and duties. Now this is a case where a person has truly been reformed and how?? BY TAKING HIS RIGHTS AWAY FOR A CERTAIN PERIOD OF TIME….


One comment on “Should prisoners have rights

  1. Pratiti says:

    A person in jail is punished for his wrong doings. It does not dilute his/her fundamental rights which are right to equality, right to freedom, right against exploitation, right to constitutional remedies and right to freedom of religion

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