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Hey…this is just a space where i write occasionally on issues which are important or interesting…..comments of any intensity are welcome…!! I love blogging…. and i have made some great friends all over the world through this medium…….Cheers..!!


25 comments on “Hello…Welcome to my Blog, click here.

  1. cruisenow says:

    Ashmu, you asked on my blog about Brazil economics. I am a US Based Travel Agent. I do not have any info that you could not find for the Brazilian Economy. Thanks for checking out my bolg though!

  2. jiggs says:

    nice blog
    keep posting
    btw this is aditi

  3. Hey aditi! nice to meet you…

  4. Balbina Ferreira says:

    Hello, Is there any goverment to remove sez ?

    I am staying in Mumbai in Dharvi island which is full of greenary, sea, marshy land, agriculture. Livehood is depend on our occupation like farming, fishing, people are around are illerate, so they depend on their own. If sez enter in our dharvi island? What will be our condition? Is there any government who can help us?

  5. Hello Balbina, actually the problem that all of you are facing in Dharavi is being faced by many of the farmers and workers all over India. See you have two alternatives: One all the people of your area will have to come together and oppose the establishment of the SEZ, this is a very long and difficult process, because you will face pressure from the government, the companies wanting to establish SEZ etc, you might even face lot problems from the police. And even after facing all these problems there is no guarantee that your land will be saved. The other alternative is that let the construction of that SEZ take place, due to this the area where you live will be reconstructed and given all the infrastructure and facilities which are not present right now. There is a possibility that the people from your area will even get work in that new SEZ. But for the construction to get completed and for you to get the benefits of the whole thing will also take time. So you have to choose between these two alternatives. In case establishment of the SEZ is inevitable then make sure you fight for your basic rights, like proper accommodation and employment, this is a battle you can win, if you pressurize the agencies and the government to share the benefits of that establishment with the members of your locality also then it will be better. Make sure “decent work” is alloted to your members with good renumeration, and good living conditions. Discuss these two alternatives with the members of your locality and if you want more help then get back to me.

  6. anshultrivedi says:

    Bro I got my own WordPress blog … posted one article … the address is: anshultrivedi.wordpress.com

  7. Anand A says:

    hi buddy,

    finally got a chance to come online…
    (thats quite a paradox isnt it, a comp. engineer who hardly comes online)
    havent read anything yet, but thought i’d post this and be counted.

    Did you hear bout MU winning in Kolhapur?

  8. Hello anand! ya i spoke to krunal he told me we won it, you remember what the director said in Gwalior right!!! But the singing guys are brilliant no doubt! anyways create your blog as soon as possible and start posting i wanna increase my gk!!

  9. dgkwong says:

    Hey Aseem,

    So for the GMAT, there are sectional cut-offs that add up to your cumulative score. There is an analytical writing section, a math section, and a verbal section. The essays are a score in themselves and don’t add to your other GMAT score. The math and verbal sections are each scored from 1-51 and add up to your cumulative 800 score. Hope this helps.

    Douglas Kwong

  10. Hey Aseem.
    in my blog what i wrote about the Communist are true,they are definitly should hated.this is what happing in the world,they are saying one and doing other,look at the china’s overlap to tibet.the communist parties are like to make the life of people to horibble

  11. Hello Binu Mathew Pulimoottil, I have posted my reply on your blog.

  12. thks aseem for your valubale words……..but i am feel un happy to know that you dont came to read the newspaper,look what happend in kannur and nandigram.and aseem you dont know what this party is doing in kerala after get into the power…read some articles about kerala politics.i have only that comment

  13. and whats ur comment about china’s attack over tibet?????

  14. Raj says:

    Hi its raj studying M.Sc agri in DWD karnataka…….. thanks 4 giving nice information bout SEZ cos m planning to give seminar on this SEZ impact on peoples thank u once again…………..

  15. Hi Raj, Im glad this presentation was useful to you.

  16. gaurav says:

    i need a ppt on export processing zones in india and it’s future can u telll me sum links or websites 2 search

  17. gaurav says:

    hi the link is quite gud and helpfull man i thanx u 4 ur’s helping hand
    man can u tell me how can i put the material on net like it

  18. ali says:

    hi ashmu can u tell me the global point about SEZs.like how many countries hav it as free trade zones, free economic zones,export processing zones, and what is its advantages and disadvantages from global point of view…..
    what can be done more to improve it….
    u can say it as SEZs in world

  19. Hello Ali! First of all im sorry for the delay in replying to your question on my blog.

    You have asked me a question about the global view on SEZ’s and about how many countries have adopted EPZ, FTZ. Which countries have adopted these systems you will find on wikipidea this is the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_Economic_Zone

    The first part of your question is the global point of view of SEZ’s. See most countries have adopted this system, China being one of the prominent countries amongst those. The SEZ has many benefits for economy of the country which has them. The economy can be positioned itself towards having more exports this helps the economy in earning valuable foreign exchange. The SEZ also ensures that quality products are manufactured in the country. By and large this system is good for the economy, it does have some problems associated with it, for example labour laws are not applicable in SEZ’s therefore it leads to labour exploitation. I have one entire section for advantages and disadvantages of SEZ’s from my project i will present it here.

    Advantages of SEZ:

    Sez’s are good from the point of view of growth and development. It increases income level of citizens, encourages competition and lowers labor costs.

    Attracts FDI and exchange earnings: FDI spells long term capital that can help sustain solvency. Also FDI will ensure meaningful ownership, in times of adverse claims pay put, it is only through the FDI route that foreign stake holders will infuse capital to come over the adverse situation

    The state id well informed about the latest technology and also relevant information regarding the trade that goes on all over the world and how the domestic producers can penetrate into several markets. And private business’s can position themselves in the world market and boost the standard of living of citizen’s.

    Sez’s also create a lot of job opportunities

    Also when sez’s become a success it increases the GDP, and acts as a good economic model for the policy makers to mimic.

    Disadvantages of SEZ:

    Employment: In the area of employment the disadvantage of SEZ is quite similar to the disadvantages of WalMart entering retail business. New jobs are created and working conditions improve, but for whom?? It is for the educated masses and the literate people and not for the laborers. Laborers suffer in the form of; forced overtime, exhausting work schedules; poverty pay, and unhealthy working conditions. The majority of workers in the Sez units are women who are exposed to the most humiliating sexual harassments. Free trade creates a “race to the bottom”, whereby developing countries lower their labor charges and environmental standards in an effort to attract foreign investment.

    Secondly Companies would like to simply relocate to SEZ to take advantage of the tax concession’s being offered. This will bring about a significant revenue loss to the government. This will result in a kind of ‘disguised industry’ just as ‘disguised unemployment’.

    And thirdly to set up an SEZ, large scale acquisition of land takes place which results in displacement of farmers and alternate means of livelihood are not available for them. But this issue has been taken up by the govt, and they will work out an appropriate compensation package before taking away land.

    There is a possibility that Sez’s will be set up is states where there is already a strong tradition of manufacturing and exports. This in turn can aggravate regional disparities.

    I hope this information will be useful to you, if there is anything else you need, do contact me.

  20. mohana says:

    Hi buddy,
    I have to give a presentation on the topic “ROLE OF SEZ IN THE GROWTH ON INDIAN ECONOMY” it helped me a lot in gaining knowledge about the above topic.Thanks a lot I need some more about this topic I mean recent issues in the market
    please post as soon as possible.

  21. praneet kumar says:

    hiiiiiiiiiii aseem ur presentation on sez is excellent iam also doing a presentation in my collg on the topic sez is not a boon for the indian poor can u guide me by bringing out the things which i dont know iam also interested in econonmics like you

  22. praneet kumar says:

    aseem do u think inflation is due to flawed monetary policies or is it due any other global factors as inflation is a global phenomenon and inflation is not due to flawed monetary policies in other countries and what is inflation according to indian perspective

  23. praneet kumar says:

    can u give me any other instances of protests against sez in other states of india other than in nandigram and navi mumbai

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